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Waste Plant Storage

Structure having dimensions in plan: mt. 62.00 X 38.00 consisting of arched beams in tubular profiles with a total length of approx. 45 m. Rhombus inclined pillars in tubular profiles with a total height of approx. 19 m. System of steel tie rods and arched vaulted roof in prepainted corrugated sheet.

Metal Canopy Zone 32

Canopy in metal structure with plan dimensions of mt. 22.5 x 78, made with portals hinged to the base in welded and tapered double T beams; continuous C-purlins on several supports, galvanized and pre-painted corrugated sheet metal cover.

Industrial area sheds

Metal roof frame made of UPN and IPE profiles and wall barracks made of double UPN profile. System of steel tie rods and roofing in thermal insulating sandwich panels. Infill panels made of self-supporting sandwich panels.

Acqua Varda plant

Shed with plan dimensions of 60.5 m. X 35.5 m and a total weight of 120,000 kg, made with uprights in HE profile and beams in IPE profile. cladding in thermal insulating panels with a thickness of 40 mm. Cover in self-supporting panels 50 mm thick.