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Boardwalk Costa Cruises

Columns in steel profiles with hollow circular section, Beams and crosspieces in HE profiles; Walkway in galvanized corrugated sheet with overlying concrete casting. Non-slip stoneware tile flooring; Metal railing covered on both sides and the soffit with alucobond panels (aluminum sheets with polyethylene interposed).

New Court Air Tunnel

Structure consisting of two portals in HEB and IPE profiles, reticular beams in HEA profiles braced both vertically and orthogonally with angular profiles, and tunnel frame in calendered HEA ribs. Flooring in corrugated sheet metal panels insulated with polyurethane foam and protective plate in fireproof chipboard panel. External infill consisting of a lower half-shell and an upper cap made of sandwich panels in double aluminum sheet with interposed mineral wool. Continuous glazing on both sides with curved double glazing consisting of an external bronze stopsol sheet and tempered float internal sheet.