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Piazza Matteotti canopy

The shelter occupies the center of the square. It presents itself as the only furniture visually dominating the entire space. It measures 31.00 meters in length by 12.00 meters in width; the height is 9.14 meters. The constituent elements of the structure were made with laser cutting, while some parts were covered with casings in painted aluminum sheet. The cover, in transparent polycarbonate, gives the structure transparency and lightness.

Piazza Tavarnuzze shelter

Construction of a metal canopy as part of the redevelopment of the Piazza di Tavarnuzze. The shelter has plan dimensions of mt. 13.40 X 22.10 and height of mt. 12.20. It is presented as an element characterized by simplicity and formal cleanliness. The structure of the shelter is made up of steel beams tapered at the ends. The cover is in corrugated sheet metal and painted micro-perforated aluminum panels. The cladding does not follow the trend of the beams but differs from them at the ends, making the shelter perceive as a parallelepiped. The lower surface is covered with the same micro-perforated panels as the roof.

Market coverage Piazza Crispi

Bright, tidy, protected, functional, linear and modern. This is how the market in Piazza Crispi presents itself in a revised and corrected version, transformed by BUONAFEDE after a year of work. A futuristic “umbrella” metal roof, made up of 24 columns and 1300 pieces for a total weight of 130 thousand kilos, with a protective function for market activities and can also be used for evening and holiday events.