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Our Production plant

The Buonafede Srl plant is located in the north section of the city of Reggio Calabria (Italy). It is a state-of-the-art facility of about 18,000 square meters, consisting of the production departments, an area for surface treatments, a warehouse for storing raw materials and large yards for loading and unloading goods.

Sheet metal processing

We offer our clients a wide variety of sheet metal processing methods. We can cut, bend, punch, drill, and calender sheets of any thickness, size and material using cutting-edge technologies. The experience acquired over the years led us to adopt different equipment and instruments to carry out specific processes.


We have two modern MIG/MAG automatic welding systems, a cantilevered manipulator and a portal system, and 20 MIG/Mag and TIG semi-automatic welding stations.

As all welders and welding processes are certified by accredited bodies, such as IIS [Istituto Italiano della Saldatura – Italian Institute of Welding] and RINA, the company has now obtained the UNI EN ISO 3834 certification.

All welding equipment is designed by our technical department. Thanks to its constant research and development activities, the company could register a patent for the automation of welding templates, thus making its production more efficient.

Precision machining

State-of-the-art software and efficient CNC machining stations allow us to carry out precision machining operations, such as milling and turning and guarantee our clients high production capacity and high-quality finished products.

The department’s strong point is the modern five-axis CNC machining station, with an operating range of 4 x 20 m, ideal for large components (e.g. structural components of railway crates).

Quality control and testing

Our technical staff checks and tests all products to ensure they are high quality and well made. In addition to the traditional measuring instruments equipped with calibration certificates, we carry out dimensional measurements with a marking gauge on a reference surface and, especially, with laser trackers.

Regarding the welding operations, in addition to non-destructive testing (ultrasound, liquid penetrant testing), we set up a modern laboratory equipped for executing micrographs and macrographs.

Industry 4.0

To increase productivity and the quality of our plants and improve staff working conditions, we started an investment plan to build the factory of the future. Therefore, we strive to expand the use of data and information, new technologies and data analysis, innovative plants, and fully digitised and interconnected components and systems.

In particular, we implemented the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which allows us to monitor and track production in terms of OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). Thus, we can record the progress of semi-finished products throughout the production cycle and achieve the complete traceability of the individual components of a finished piece.